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We have 3 Tier3 Datacenters in HongKong and one Tier3+ Datacenter in Portland

We are the largest peering with ChinaTelcom、ChinaUnicom and ChinaMobile over China Mainland

Top standard

CeRaNetworks' Data Centers are located in HongKong One Wilshire builing and also 600 7th street(digital realty), OWB is the nation's largest POPs, the datacenters come with Tier3-compliant power supply, network assurance, providing 100% power supply. We also started our Tier3+ Datacenter which located within NCP land station.

High speed network

CeRaNetworks has dozens of top Transits, such as China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Telia, Tinet, Zayo, Cogent, TATA, GTT, HE, etc, through multi-homed BGP network. We can guarantee fast access to global networks and also provide 99.99% of network connectivity.

professional team

CeRaNetworks provides one-stop enterprise services for Chinese customers to use the Chinese operations team for operation and maintenance, according to Customer needs to provide Chinese and English and other multi-language communication. 5 minutes response, 7 * 24 hours Tech support service.

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CeRaNetworks provides state-of-the-art datacenters to Our customers

With more 2000Gbps Backbone We can offer our customer the best DDOS migration
Rack space 1U-4U 1/4 rack 1/2 rack Full Cabinet
Power supply(HongKong) 1A/208V 5A/208V,4A available 10A/208V,8A available 20A/208V,16A available
Power supply(Portland) 1A/208V 8A/208V,6A available 15A/208V,12A available 30A/208V,24A available
Switch port 100Mbps 1Gbps default,10Gbps available 1Gbps default,10Gbps available 1Gbps default,10Gbps available
Traffic / billing model Free 100Mbps unlimited traffic Default does not include bandwidth minimum purchase is 50Mbps,overage billed on 95th Default does not include bandwidth minimum purchase is 50Mbps,overage billed on 95th Default does not include bandwidth minimum purchase is 50Mbps,overage billed on 95th
IP address Allocation /29,5 available IP /29,5 available IP /29,5 available IP /29,5 available IP
ChinaTelecom/ChinaUnicom/ChinaMobile directly connected free Optional Optional Optional
Price (HongKong) $149/month $599/month $199 one-time setup fee $799/month $299 one-time setup fee $1199/month $399 one-time setup fee
Price (Portland) $159/month $699/month $199 one-time setup fee $899/month $299 one-time setup fee $1599/month $399 one-time setup fee

Best network to China Directly

Our colocation is located at the 1200 W 7th street in HongKong, the standard Tier3 Datacenter. CeRaNetworks has our own Suite, all the equipments are managed by our own management team. The suite can provide over 500 racks to meet any customer needs. We also have more than 600Gbps bandwidths directly connected to China Telecom’s AS4134 backbone network. We have over 200Gbps bandwidths directly connected with China Unicom’s backbone network. We are also connected with more than 6 U.S. ISP with 1.2Tbps+. We can provide both the best connection within U.S.A. and the best connections to China.

State-Of-Art datacenters

Our data center was designed and built in accordance with 100% power protection from the beginning, because we understand that our customers do not want any power failure, not even if it is for 1 second. Our data center has superior cooling systems. All hot air is directly withdrew to ensure constant cooling working environments.

  • Free IP-KVM
  • 100Gbps ports are available
  • All cabinets are individually locked
  • 365X7X24 hours support service

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If your current datacenter is also located in HongKong, we will provide you with free migration services! Yes, you read it correctly, it is free! Our professional engineers will ensure that your downtime is reduced as much as possible!
All equipped with industry standards, we can quickly and easily help you deploy your business, whether you are a tower server or a rack server, and even blade server!
Best datacenter in HongKong, 100% power supply guaranteed, up to 2000Gbps backbone to help you connect to the world!
We care about the customer's TCO, we are committed to helping customers get the best TCO, the success of our customers is our success!
Our professional engineers work 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to provide you with professional services to ensure that any problems you enctouner will be processed ASAP.