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CeRaNetworks Since its inception, our business has made rapid development, if you are interested in e-commerce, hoping to personally create a miracle of the Chinese Internet, then very welcome to join us to create a better future.

We hope that our team members have plenty of entrepreneurial passion, said to do the execution, and never give up the spirit.

Personally create a miracle under the Chinese Internet to create a better future. You will be with us in-depth participation in the company and the team's growth process!

Position: Pre-sale / after-sales customer service specialist


Accept customer advice, maintenance, complaints, suggestions and other views, and make a record;

To help customers solve the problem;

Customer return visit work;

Responsible for online customer service online consultation, answer customer consultation phone;


Have a certain language expression and communication skills;

Has a strong ability to adapt, coordination, learning ability, can independently deal with the problem;

A certain customer reception ability to explore (Have done the Internet sales customer service experience is preferred);

A certain basic operational capacity of the computer(Have done a personal station or the actual experience of building a priority);

Requirements must have "customer first" spirit of service, all from the help of customers, to meet customer perspective;

Position: technical support


Familiar with WIN2000 / 2003/2008, or linux and other operating systems;

Learn as one or more of asp,, php, java, c, and VB languages

Putonghua standards, with strong communication skills, comprehension and learning ability

Good psychological quality, strong sense of responsibility, lively personality

Job Responsibilities:

To have purchased my company's products to provide customers with Internet-based business after-sales technical support work

Responsible for answering customer technical problems submitted online;

Responsible for actively dealing with customer business problems encountered;

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